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In future please make sure you tell your clients the pitfalls associated with rapid improvement!!
— P Mayho

"When you have a son who approaches every sport with huge trepidation, mainly because of his own fear of failure, largely attributable to the fact he has ADHD, I was nervous beyond all belief about him going to golf coaching.  I needn’t have been.  Shay was a professional on every level – he clearly understands how to teach children, but also children who need to be taught in a different way.  He was patient, kind, empathetic, understanding and motivating.  Rare and unbelievably effective skills.  I saw my child grow in confidence and ability in the short time we had with him.  He was literally knocking the ball out of the park at the end.  I am so glad that there are sports coaches out there like Shay, who can coach the individual as well as the sport.  Magical."


I would like to offer a testimonial regarding the golf lessons that I recently received with Shay

The main reason that I attended the lessons was to support my young son with his interest in golf as he practices after school.  However, I was most surprised at how much I got out of the lessons that I had with Shay. The lessons were well structured, organised & fun. There was a good mix between learning about the golf etiquette, rules & types of clubs to use as well as the practical side of swing, technique etc.  Importantly, we were given the opportunity to “play golf” on the course which I never expected to do after such a short time.

Shay also has a deep knowledge of the laws of golf, the etiquette and the technical aspects of club manufacture and specification Shay had great methods of making difficult concepts comprehensible, yet we did not have information overload. Shay was always positive and encouraging and provided differentiated support to the group, spending time giving one to one attention and offering constructive, personal feedback. As a result, I have gained a little self belief, so much so, that I have now signed up for more lessons and investing in some golf clubs of my own, much to my son’s delight.

I cannot recommend Shay highly enough.

Kind regards
D Tolhurst

"Shay provides a phenomenal service to the local community to learn and play golf. The Golf Foundation have worked with Shay and his team for a number of years to grow junior participation, and we've supported Shay to deliver in local schools and community groups. Shay has created a fantastic culture of development which has increased the number of young people regular participating in coaching, playing and taking up membership.

This was very evident when Shay provided a family skills challenge which the Golf Foundation photographed, and the sense of belonging and support he has created with children and parents makes it one of our best performing HSBC Golf Roots Centres, which will inevitably continue with Shay leading the coaching"

- Martin Crowder, National Development Manager, The Golf Foundation


Paul was looking for lessons after struggling for years to find a coach he felt comfortable with, poor trajectory control caused havoc with his golf and his mood! Here is what Paul had to say...

“I thought I would drop you a quick email to say how impressed I was with the lesson I had. You confirmed a lot of what I was thinking about my swing and a lot more. Plus I have just completed 18 holes with the new changes, I must say I have never hit the ball as well as this ever, and so straight. Into the wind, I hit some very penetrating shots even with the driver, some thing I have never been able to do very well. I shot 5 over par today with a very bad short game and looking forward to playing and practicing again, some thing I have not felt for a while”

-P Chana

“My 8 year old son has been having lessons both at school and at the club for about 6 months with Shay. Not being very sporting I was very surprised at his enthusiasm from his initial school lessons. I then took him to the club over the summer holidays for further coaching. Since then he has been attending each Saturday and is really enjoying every lesson. Shay really engages with the children and has unique methods of teaching that makes the lessons interesting and fun. I wish him all the success in the coming year(s) and want to say a big thanks for all the encouragement given to Blake over the last six months.”

-S Samuels

The tuition day is a great golf day for anybody, regardless of current handicap level. Forget the traditional approach of endless hours of mind-numbing detailed instruction, you’ll be taught by someone who knows you’re not a professional golfer and yet still wants to get the best out of your game. It’s not a case of wanting to find any quick fixes, more a case of explaining why some things you may have been taught in the past are unhelpful to your game and you WILL discover some very quick improvements to most, if not all, aspects of your game.

You’ll be taken through chipping, bunker play and the best ball position to use (and crucially, WHY it’s the best ball position to use), followed by longer irons and then woods on the range, finishing off with a few holes of golf on the course itself with input on course management, putting and thought processes to use when sizing up a shot.

Being a bit jaded from several golf lessons in the past, I wasn’t expecting too much from the day but I was pleasantly surprised by the infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of our golf coach, Shay. The coaching he gives is delivered in a manner that makes it very easy to absorb and understand. I’m around a 12 handicap and got loads out of the day. You simply cannot get better value for money for a golf tuition day and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Carl Edwards – Attended 6 hour Tuition Day Experience

“I had a brilliant time with you on Friday. I have never been so motivated about my golf and I really look forward to working with you this year”

– M Wright

“Can I just say that my son is really enjoying the sessions you are running at school.  You seem to have a way of engaging with the children we have not experienced with the few other sports camps we have tried, and this inspite of having to adapt to bad weather conditions sometimes.  Well done.”

– Happy Parent

“Thanks for doing a great job with my two girls in their golf club this week. You are brilliant!”

– Very Happy Parent

“We were out practicing last Sunday, good fun was had by both – you’d be proud of us!”

– C Jones

“I just wanted to let you know that the girls both really enjoyed the sessions with you last weekend and are really looking forward to the next coaching day. Both of them were really buzzing after the coaching and had a lot of fun”

– K Herring – another happy parent

“Thank you for the excellent training session, I thought it was by far the best one we’ve ever had”

– F McPhail – County Golfer & Future Star!

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