The Portable Golf and Sports Indoor Simulator Studio is coming soon. In the meantime the beauty of the GC2 is it's super flexible. It can be used on the course or the driving range to accurately measure your shots. The importance of using technology to accurately measure during custom club fittings cannot be underestimated, golf clubs are worth a lot of money and having clubs that are fitted right is arguably even more valuable. This is why when having a custom fit with a PGA Professional, using a Launch Monitor such as the GC2 or Trackman is so impotant. Call Shay now to ask for a lesson using the GC2 software or to find out more about custom club fitting.

The Simulator Studio

This is a real treat, the world class Foresight Sports Performance Simulator is quite simply superb. Use the simulator to practice and refine your game. We supply premium balls to measure the distance you hit each club, practice a specific shot from anywhere on any of the courses. Play from whichever tees your skill level is comfortable with, with the ability to change course, change course set-ups, analyse club speed, attack angle, loft, impact location on club head and many other statistics about your game. You can even change holes when you want, and change course too. Why not play a selection of holes from different courses.

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We have the very best courses in the world for you to enjoy in comfort , in any weather, no frost delays, no pouring rain and no lost balls! Throughout the winter you can play in shorts and short sleeve shirts as the heating makes the room toasty warm even when it's freezing outside.


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GC2 A Closer Look

Quick, Easy Setup

With a patented on-screen golf ball identification system and self-leveling accelerometer, the GC2 redefines simplicity. No calibration. No marked balls. Out of the golf bag, the GC2 can be set up and ready to go in less than a minute.

Verifiable Accuracy

At the heart of the GC2 is a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyzes ball characteristics at the most critical point of measurement - club impact.

All-in-one Simplicity

As a launch monitor, the GC2's large, outdoor-readable LCD display and audio feature deliver ball performance data in real-time, eliminating the need for a separate laptop or monitor to view your data. Plug the GC2 into a computer running simulation software and turn virtually any space into a performance-driven golf simulator.

Indoor and Outdoor Flexibility

No other launch monitor solution available today delivers the indoor / outdoor capabilities of the GC2. And unlike other solutions, the GC2 never compromises on accuracy.

Q: How accurate is the GC2 Smart Camera?

A: The GC2 is very accurate. The data from the unit is processed through a powerful computer and images sent to the HD projector and onto the projection screen by the time you look up at the end of your swing. It is incredible technology and an added bonus is it can be used indoor and out and can be connected via bluetooth to smartphones and tablets. Check out Butch Harmon sharing his experience of the GC2

Capture Range

  • Ball Speed: 2.0 - 200.0+ mph
  • Distance: 8 inches - 500+ yds
  • Launch Angle: 70.0 degrees

Accuracy Tolerance

  • Vertical Launch Angle: +/- 0.2 degrees
  • Ball Speed: +/- 0.5 mph
  • Back Spin: +/- 50.0 rpm
  • Side Spin: +/- 50.0 rpm
  • Azimuth: +/- 1.0 degrees

Q: Does it work for all clubs

A: Absolutely, the unit measures when a ball is struck. Every shot, with every club is recorded. We have upgraded to the ALL SINGING ALL DANCING SUPER FLASH UNIT which is simply blowing the industry away with it's accuracy

Q: How does it work for left handers?

A: Quite simply we just move the unit to the suit the the player (it is only the size of a small toaster so extremely portable).